What’s this?

CrazyItalianRally is a non-competitive race in which the Italian peninsula is crossed from North to South, from Biella(BI) to Pachino-Marzamemi (SR).

Two thousand kilometers riding a 50cc vehicle with two or three wheels: Vespa, Ape, Ciao, Califfone, Fifty…the great “cinquantino” mopeds in other words, which characterized our teenage years.

From North to South dealing with problems given by the type of vehicle but also surrounded by the beautiful landscape that Italy offers during the journey.


must be INAPPROPRIATE to travel for such a long distance

Traveling differently

Forget the MOTORWAY for the whole crossing

7 days

Cover the distance in only seven days


The event will only last 7 days. To be precise six and a half: from Sunday morning to the Saturday evening of the following week. 150 hours to get cross the whole Country, from North to South, on your noisy moped.

Maybe the best term to defines CrazyItalianRally is CHALLENGE. There is no competition and there are no ranking; the other participants are not rivals but the people who share the trip and help you in case of difficulty.

The challenge is open to all of those who like challenging themselves and that aren’t big fans of “prepackaged” holidays. To all of those who love the journey, and don’t see it as a boring moment only to get to one place to another. 7 days, 2000 km and a 50cc moped are the right ingredients for adventurous people like you.


There isn’t predetermined itinerary by the organization. The choice of which road to follow is totally up to the participants, which on top of guaranteeing  themselves an unusual holiday because of the prohibition to use high velocity roads they will also have the chance to ride in groups and help each other whenever they get lost or breakdown. As a result there will be a load of annoying, noisy and buzzing mosquitos soaked with fumes that can’t wait to reach the deep South.


It could be defined as an odyssey through the land of the Mediterranean culture, from  art to nature, from good food to  good living… Always on the back of your trustable faithful steed with the few things you were  able to fit in your backpack and the only person you convinced to follow you on this crazy adventure.


Like as the itinerary, each participant can decide how to face the challenge. Can do it in solitary, in small groups or decide to join a large group. We recommend large groups: at the end of seven days the other partecipants will be long-standing friends!

The leaving party will be an opportunity to know each other!


It can happen to drive in the night, in adverse weather conditions, dirt road or chaotic city.  It is recommend to equip themselves to face any difficulties adopt extreme caution.