Where and when


27/07/2019 Start party

28/07/2019 Crazy Italian Rally start

03/08/2019 Opening and closing Finishline


The official departure will take place in Biella (Piemonte) in a place still to be defined. This will be communicated by email after the closing registration date.

The official arrival place is Pachino (Sicily). Even the coordinates of the precise location will be defined later on and sent by mail to the participants once the registrations are closed.

In the mail you will also receive all  the information about the “what and when” of the opening party and any further information that was possibly not communicated through this page.

We’d like to evidence that once arrived at the end of the itinerary there are trainsflights and fast ships leaving from Sicily’s main cities towards all the rest of Italy and not only.

If there are any questions or desire to receive further information please send an email to the  info@crazyitalianrally.com and we will try to answer as soon as possible.

 During the whole event the organizers take no responsibility for assistance or insurance.